Boxer Athlete Portrait Studio Photography Surrey 3

Athlete Studio Photography

This dramatic shoot gave me the chance to add an athlete studio photography string to my bow. So far, I’ve had the privilege of working with CEOs and rising stars, but never a boxer! We wanted to create a dark, intimidating look that could be used in promotions for upcoming fights.

The dark background would work well for photo editing later on – I could just picture his name plastered over the photos before his next big event! We started with “gloves off” shots, focusing the flash on his face and bare fists. These would be great for athlete profiling in marketing material.

We finished with a few “scarier” shots with the gloves on – showing off his incredible full-chest tattoo! The close-up “fighting stance” focused light on his gloves and the left side of his face, making sure he was starting right down the lens – just as he would an opponent!

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