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We are a team of professional event videographers based in London. We specialise in filming business events such as product presentations, podium discussions, political events, fashion shows, Annual General Meetings (AGM), and Christmas parties. Our event videography will help you promote your brand and showcase the success of your event.

We will work closely with you and your marketing department to understand your specific event videography needs and tailor our services to your brief. We have filmed hundreds of events in London and the South East. We use only the latest camera, sound and light equipment and techniques to ensure that every shot is of the highest quality.

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Event video production

Whatever your event is, there are many good reasons to capture it on video. Our clients usually post our corporate event video productions on their social media channels for their clients and associates to enjoy. Podium discussions and product announcements are often published as part of a wider press release strategy. Let us know who your target group is and what you would like to achieve with this specific event video production so we can translate your vision into a detailed shoot and edit brief.

Maximum image quality

We want your event video production to look like a movie or high-end TV production. Therefore, we only use top-of-the-range full-frame camera systems that capture colour-rich images at incredible clarity. We shoot in 4k as standard and can produce even higher resolution if requested. We often film in slow motion for an even greater impact in the edit.

Clear sound

Similarly to the cameras we use, we don’t compromise on the sound side either. For our event video productions, we exclusively use TV-certified microphones, transmitters and recorders to make sure every word and every sound is captured at the best quality. We also use the very latest AI tools to push the audio quality even further during post-production.

Scalable video productions

Whether you need one camera or ten, we got you covered. We would like to offer you an event videography package tailored exactly to your needs. Our productions can range from a single shooter unobtrusively covering an intimate event to multi-location, multi-camera and event multi-language productions. Get in touch and let’s have a chat.

Unlimited edit revisions

Our work doesn’t stop after we have filmed your event. In fact, in terms of work hours, most of the magic happens in the editing process during post-production. We intensely go through all of the recorded footage, rate scenes, compare shots and creatively stitch it all together to tell the story of your event in a compelling and exciting way, which is also in line with your brand look and feel. There is no limit on the revisions you request – we only stop when you and your team are 100% happy with your event video. And of course, all our event video productions come with fully licensed background music so you can post your video anywhere.

Final cut

Once you have signed off the final edit, we will send you a download link to your master mp4 file. Now you can upload this file to your social media channels, and post it on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and of course on your website. If you like, we can also create short social media snippets to attract even more viewers.

Interviews and soundbites

Short interviews with key figures in your industry at your event are a great way to demonstrate your company’s expertise and passion for a particular cause. We are able to conduct such interviews with a member of your team asking the questions, or independently, meaning we find the candidates and ask your questions on your behalf, so you can fully concentrate on running the event.

Event Highlight Video vs Full Edit

We are happy to create long and short-form edits of your event video. Long-form videos can include entire presentations, including any slides etc, or entire speeches and performances. Long-form event videos are great to show an event to people who couldn’t be there in person. Highlight event video edits are ideal for social media and to attract new visitors for your next event.

Slideshows and Q&A

We are able to capture every aspect of your event including recording your presenter’s screen output. Any material shown during the event on screen or projector will become part of the event video edit as well. An elegant way to show both the presenter and the slides is a side-by-side view within the video frame. Speak to us about the options.


Often, the most interesting part of an event can be the Q&As at the end. We are happy to bring additional cameras to film the audience to show each person asking a question. We also use highly sensitive room mics to record the audience’s audio. This creates a very engaging edit, capturing every nuance of all questions and answers.

Event Live Streaming

Our multi-cam, multi-redundant live streaming solutions offer the same video quality as traditionally recorded and edited video –  but delivered live in real-time to your audience. We use industry-leading live video switchers to edit your event on the fly.

Click here for more information about event live streaming.

Event video productions:

Corporate Presentations
Product Launches
Award Ceremonies
Podium Discussions
Gala Dinners
Christmas Parties
Networking Events
Fundraising Events
Seminars (with screen capture)
Sports Events

Our services:

Multi-camera shooting
Single-camera shooting
Vox Pops
Screen captures
Drone filming
Slow motion
Marco videography
Event Live Streaming
Event Photography



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