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We offer high-end commercial event live-streaming solutions for organisations of any size in London and the South East. Our bespoke multi-camera event live streaming service is suitable for a wide variety of events ranging from business events such as Annual General Meetings (AGM), product presentations, and podium discussions, as well as sports events or theatre and music performances. Whatever your event might be – let’s share it with your global audience.

Our clients include some of London’s biggest brands, universities and most prestigious private schools. We have also streamed entire multi-day congresses, including simultaneous multicast breakout sessions. Furthermore, we offer two-way call-in integration for remote guests, reporters and event contributions. We can also work outdoors and on the move covering memorial events, festivals and sports games.

London Event Photographer
London Event Photographer
London Event Photographer

Recent clients include:

Brands for which FrameShot has recently produced outstanding corporate business headshots
London Event Photographer
London Event Photographer
London Event Photographer

What we offer:

broadcast quality live streams (6mbit/s)

productions from anywhere in London

multi-redundant mobile internet connections

streaming to all your social media platforms

streaming to your website

1-10 cameras

✓  robotic cams

✓  steady-cam integration

✓  location hopping

✓  drone integration

speaker call-ins

✓  on-location green screen

animated overlays

name badges and logos

✓  presentation slides




commercial breaks

4k recordings

highlight edits

– tech discussion live stream –

CityJS Conference

streamed live to thousands of remote visitors
multi-camera setup
3-day event, 25 keynote speakers
7h live per day
speaker laptops connected for full-screen slides

– educational live stream –

Paviors’ Lecture at Imperial College

streamed live to overflow rooms and the web
four cameras including two reverse crowd shots for Q&A
individual microphones for each speaker
room mics for applause
laptop HDMI input for full-screen slides

Why us?

Short answer: experience and technology. Here’s why we believe we’re different:

✓ 150+ Completed Productions
With over 150 successful event streams you can trust that we know the ins and outs, the good, the bad, the beautiful

✓ AI Cameras
We use the very latest robotic cameras that auto-follow the talent on stage, which means we have perfectly framed shots and smooth camera movements – all day long without anybody getting tired. Fewer camera operators mean less hassle, less obtrusion and smaller costs.

✓ Industry-leading Vision Mixing
It’s easy for us to embed name badges (so-called ‘lower thirds’), transition animations, countdowns, commercial breaks or slow-motion replays. Whatever your vision is, chances are high that we can vision-mix it.

✓ Hybrid Events
Would you like to invite remote speakers via a simple web link? All they need is a webcam and microphone and our system will handle the rest. Now you can invite attendees and speakers both in person and remotely.

✓ Reliable Video Transmission
Concerned about the internet connection? We use multi-redundant ‘bonded’ internet connections (the same brand that was used during the coronation). We will bring several mobile connections and can also use the venue’s connection in tandem (but that’s not a requirement).

✓ AI audio Processing and Mixing
Our audio processing is based on some of the most advanced signal processing on the market. This ensures that your audio is crisp and clear and always at the right level.

✓ Smaller Crews
All this technology allows us to run entire productions with typically just 1-3 crew members. Smaller teams reduce costs, hassle and visible footprint during your event.

✓ Highlight Video Edits
As a fully integrated corporate video production company, we can deliver social media highlight video edits already during the event.

✓ Event Photography
Have a look at our event photography work here, if you’re interested let us offer you a package.

✓ Fun to work with
Live events can be stressful but stress is nothing that scares us. Instead, we focus – constructively and effectively. However unpredicted the situation might be, we will handle it with professionalism.

London Event Photographer
London Event Photographer

Kind words from our clients

– seminar live stream –

ACEN Conference

streamed live to hundreds of remote visitors
multi-camera setup in the auditorium
individual microphones for each speaker
laptop HDMI input for full-screen slides
reverse shot of the audience for the Q&A session

– product launch live stream –

Opulous Product Launch

streamed live to investors around the globe
multi-camera setup at the venue
audio mix from PA plus ambient sound
direct link to presentation slides and video
animated intro

How it works

80% of live stream work is pre-production. It’s like rehearsing any show, preparation is everything so the event itself becomes muscle memory.

  • We will discuss the running order in great detail with everyone involved, triple checking is better than unnecessary surprises on the day
  • We will prepare any elements that start before the event (intro films, holding slides, countdowns)
  • We will prepare all digital name badges (so-called ‘lower thirds’) and introduction slides
  • We will test all playable assets (videos, photos, music) and liaise with live performers in advance
  • We will test all connections and liaise with your venue about their internet connections
  • We will meet with your presenters to discuss finer technical details such as camera angles

Some stats about us


Live streams completed


Online viewers


Average setup time

– theatre live stream –

“The Green Room” – Theatre Peckham

streamed live to hundreds of ticket holders
multi-camera setup in the auditorium
individual microphones for each speaker
filmed rehearsals in the morning
Zoom interview at the end of the show

– sports live stream –

Birthday Football Match

streamed live to family and friends
two cameras
slow motion replay
live commentators
added stadium crowd sound effects

Your Benefits

We firmly believe that live streaming will only grow in the next few years.
Producing convincing live content will give you many benefits. Here are a few:

  • Reach audiences anywhere in the world – or just in the overflow room next door
  • Invite remote speakers and guests to join the event from anywhere. All they need is a webcam and a microphone.
  • Sell in-person and virtual tickets, give people the choice, and reach a bigger audience
  • Create your own event hashtag and make a buzz on social media
  • Integrate social media comments and questions live into your event
  • Have an instant event recording for those who missed the live stream
  • Reuse live stream snippets for highlight edits and social media reels
  • Sell advertising space to your sponsors (on-screen logos, play their video content during coffee or lunch breaks)
– product presentation live stream –

Christmas Teleshopping Live Stream

One camera, studio lights and studio microphones
filmed at the client’s HQ in central London
streamed to all social media channels simultaneously
customers could chat and ask questions during the stream

– school event live stream –

TSBA Book Awards

3 cameras
Live projection feed
Live zoom feed
streamed to several London-based school auditoriums

recent clients:

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