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Mobile Corporate Headshot Photography

We are a London-based team of corporate headshot photographers specialising in business headshots and social media profile portraits. We visit organisations and businesses of any size in and around London. We can set up our mobile photography studio in almost any meeting room. We shoot tethered to a laptop, so each person can review and choose their professional headshots already during the session.

Expert Corporate Headshot Photographers

We produce great corporate headshots at highly competitive rates. Our business portraits are suitable for your company website, social media profiles and any internal or external print or digital publication, including advertising, announcements, reports, etc. In addition, we also offer group shots and business lifestyle photography. And of course, we gently retouch every photograph we take.

Expressive business headshot of a businessman in front of a black background
Portrait Photographer Guildford
Black and white corporate headshot in front of a white background for a professional yet friendly look.
Portrait of well-dressed business woman in London
Business portrait of engineer wearing a neat office shirt and non-reflective jumper
Portrait Photographer Guildford
Corporate Headshot Photography London 37
Actor Headshots 10

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    Corporate Headshots FAQ

    We have compiled a list of questions you might have when looking for a corporate headshot photographer.
    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Corporate Headshot Photography Styles

    We offer a wide range of professional business headshot photography styles. Whether you prefer a neutral corporate background or a dramatic London skyline, we are more than happy to work according to your brief and your brand style guidelines. And of course, we are more than happy to come up with new original ideas for your business headshots. We know that posing in front of the camera can feel uncomfortable for some. We have a lot of experience and a wide range of techniques to “break the ice” and make everybody look good in front of the lens.

    Grey Backdrop Business Portraits

    A dark or light grey background is one of the most popular choices for corporate headshot photography. A grey photography background is a great option for every skin tone and hair colour. I recommend a grey background for a neutral professional headshot look. It’s perfect for your business website and your team’s LinkedIn profiles.

    Friendly corporate headshot photograph of the senior leadership team in front of a grey background in London
    Convincing headshot photograph on neutral grey background taken in central London.
    Friendly looking perfectly-lit corporate headshot on neutral grey background taken by business headshot photographers FrameShot in London
    Business mugshot on neutral grey background
    High-resolution business portrait photograph of a manager in front of a grey studio background
    Beautiful professional portrait photograph

    Dark Backdrop Corporate Headshots

    We recommend a dark photography background for a traditional professional headshot look that conveys authority, tradition and competence. Business headshots in front of a dark backdrop are great for the financial and legal sectors.

    Professional business headshot on dark background produced by London-based corporate headshot photographer FrameShot
    Corporate Headshot London on dark background produced by corporate headshot photographer Moritz at FrameShot in London
    LinkedIn Portrait on a dark backdrop produced by corporate headshot photographer FrameShot in London

    Black Backdrop Corporate Headshots

    Business headshots on a black background are perfect for a robust, professional and contrasty business portrait look. Let’s add a bit of gradient behind the subject to make every skin tone pop and add an extra dynamic layer to your corporate headshots.

    Business portrait on a black backdrop
    business portrait photograph on a black backdrop photographed by corporate headshot photographer Moritz at FrameShot in London
    Convincing business headshot photography of a businessman in front of a black background.

    White Backdrop Professional Headshots

    Professional headshots on a white background are easy to integrate into print and online media. We recommend a white background for a light, bright, airy and contemporary professional headshot photography look. This option works great in black and white too!

    Corporate Headshot Photography London 28
    Happy and professional corporate headshot on a white backdrop
    Corporate Headshot Photography London 14
    Corporate Headshot Photography London 37
    Convincing black and white business headshot taken in front of a white background for a clear and strong look.
    Black and white corporate headshot in front of a white background for a professional yet friendly look.

    Office Portraits

    It is a modern take on business portrait photography. Let’s show your audience a glimpse of where you work, without showing any details. Professional headshots with a natural but blurry background are a lively and colourful option for creative thinkers.

    Professional headshot photograph in a lifestyle setting in a central London office.
    Convincing business headshot of young IT professional in an office live-style setting shot with a mobile headshot photography studio.
    Corporate headshot photography in lifestyle open office
    Beautiful corporate headshot photography
    Friendly headshot photograph in office setting

    Outdoor Corporate Headshots

    Business headshots that show your professional environment convey energy and activity and provide context to the work. These are great business portrait styles for public figures, business leaders and professionals whose environment is an essential part of their reputation.

    Business headshot in an open-air lifestyle setting in central London
    Professional lifestyle business portrait of CEO on a street in London.
    Portrait photograph of business leader taken in an open-air street setting in central London by FrameShot headshot photographers
    Corporate headshot photograph of senior business leader taken in an outside setting on red stairs in central London.
    Outdoor corporate headshot photography London
    Corporate Headshot Photography London 23

    Workplace Portraits

    Show yourself and your workplace in this contemporary approach to business headshot photography. Workplace portraits can help explain what you do in a single photo. This headshot style is creative and unusual; great for professionals who don’t work at a computer.

    A stunning portrait of a watch repair specialist at work photographed by FrameShot in London.
    High contrast and creatively-lid friendly-looking portrait photograph of a man in his workshop in London.
    Case Study PortraitsFSCS 5
    Lifestyle portrait photography in London
    Jamie Olive Portrait Photograph
    Corporate headshot photography of chef at work
    Business portrait for food magazine cover of award-winning chef posing in his kitchen in central London.
    Corporate Headshot Photography London 21
    Actor and Musician portrait photography UK

    Creative Business Portraits

    Not working in an office? Are you a creative, actor/actress, musician, athlete etc? We are very happy to offer you a bespoke professional headshot photography solution for your and your team’s personal needs.

    Actor Headshots 2
    Actor headshot taken with natural light only by headshot photographer FrameShot in London.
    Actor and Musician portrait photography UK
    Boxer Athlete Portrait Studio Photography Surrey
    Actor Headshots 13
    Walero Racing Product Photography
    Actor Headshot of an actor with an amazing beard in front of a grey background.
    Walero Racing Product Photography
    Walero Racing Product Photography

    Corporate headshots for professionals in London

    As corporate headshot photographers in London, we work with people from all backgrounds and professions. The goal is to create business headshots that convey a friendly, likeable and approachable appearance whilst maintaining a professional and trustworthy look. Making you look professional and approachable – that’s our mantra!

    Your business portrait will make a great first impression

    We truly believe that excellent corporate headshots can say a lot about somebody. We will tailor our corporate headshot photography style to suit your brand guidelines, profession and sector. We use a variety of techniques and technologies to achieve this. Check out our guide on what to wear for a corporate headshot photo shoot.

    Our mobile headshot photo studio in your office

    Our mobile corporate headshot photography studio fits in just three bags and takes no longer than 30 minutes to set up. Typically, organisations book one of their meeting rooms for us to turn into a mobile headshot photography studio for the day. We also shoot connected to a laptop so everybody can review and choose their business headshot straight away.

    Still of creative high-end corporate video production by FrameShot in London

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    Artist performing on office chair as part of a large-scale corporate video production by FrameShot in London.